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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Our 2010 Honorable Judges

Hi all, this is Kenji here and it is an honor to present to you the 2010 honorable judges for the 3rd Annual PEBA International Blog and Photo Awards.Every year, we,the men and women of PEBAand OFW bloggers gives kudos and praises to the volunteer judges who painstakingly read, digest and rate Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards nominees numbering from 25 to 40. What a painful task for them!And take note, these are all pro-bono. Please join me in thanking and expressing love and appreciation to the following people whom we have selected for this year as 'Judges'

Ellen Tordesillas, Editor of Malaya and Abante

News and a blogger. For 3 consecutive years, Ellen has been PEBA's volunteer judge.

Eric Ariel Salas. Filipino. Pinoy. Cebuano. Bisdak.
A traveler. Easy-going. Radically honest. Incredibly hardworking.
Professional blogger. Own and co-own more than 10 blogs. Recognized as one of the top Philippine bloggers by some blog-ranking sites. He's the man behind the  “Filipino Blog of the Week”  blog awards and he's been running it for more than 3 years now.

Jim Paredes is one of the Photo contest Judge for this year. He is one of the famed APO singer and a blogger himself, winning the 2008 PEBA Blog Awards Top 1 and 2008 Best Blog in Asia Pacific Region

Susan Ople, President of the OFW Advocate organization, BLAS OPLE POLICY CENTER, and a blogger herself. She is one of the avid supporter of PEBA and KABLOGS

Anna Baldres is a Mom and a blogger based in Singapore. Her blog, Life is a Piece of Keyk is one of the top 10 of the 2nd PEBA Blog Awards.

Phil Saraspe is an OFW Mathematics teacher based in Bangkok Thailand. His blog is the 3rd most favorite at last year's 2009 PEBA blog Awards.

Jon Guzman, is PEBA's Vice President and a veteran Photographer, graphic artist and a blogger. He is one of the Photo contest Judge.

Ms. Nortehanon is a veteran Philippine based blogger, and is the woman behind the famous Pens of Hope, a project where she and sponsors gives out pencils to students. She is also an avid supporter of PEBA

Chris Luzana is a blogger based in Canada an
d also a Photography enthusiast. His blog TOPEXPRESS is one of the 2009 Top
10 and PEBA's best blog in the USA and Canada region. He is one of the photo judge and a blogger judge for this year, a task we know won't make him smile. :) Thank you Chris!

Ever Villacruz, another Photo and Blogger Judge is based in Kuwait and is one of the PEBA 2008 Top 10 Winner. Pamatay Homesick isalso a magazine writer and editor as well as a photography enthusiast.

Bon Talampas and his blog, "Boni Station" is a PEBA 2009 Winner. He is based in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Tonyo Cruz is a Blogger, mobile/social media practitioner & consultant, advocate of citizen journalism and consumer welfare. He's also acts as Consultant to The Asia Foundation Blogger and Columnist at AsianCorrespondent.com President at TXTPower.

Nalen Aguilar is based in Barrie Canada, and is a blogger and photography enthusiast. Her blog Manilenya won the 2008 PEBA Top 10. She is also The Kablogs Journal Editor in the US and Canada Region.

Caryn Paredes Santillan is a Mom, architect and a blogger based in Tokyo Japan. Her blog, Sari-Saring Kulay won the 2008 PEBA Top 10. She is also organizers of various online activities and a post doctoral researcher in the University of Tokyo

Amy Enson and her blog Francesca in France is based in Nice, France. She is a blogger and an OFW mother. Her blog won the 2008 and 2009 Best Blog for Europe Region and is one of the Top 10 in the 2009 PEBA Blog Awards.

The Pink Tarha Girls, are four sassy Pinay friends, and 2nd generation OFWs based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Shoegarfreeruby, Eyecandy, Maryhadalittlehump, and Sundrenched won 2nd in the 2009 Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards. Sundrenched, or Miss Janelle Vales later joined PEBA 2010 Selection Committee and is one of the editors of THE KABLOGS JOURNAL Magazine.

Antonio Carranza or Anton is a professional chemistry teacher turned freelance online ESL teacher for students in South Korea. He's a traveler/adventurer, a certified blog addict and a photo enthusiast. You can see some of his travels and photos in his blog pusang-kalye.

Avel Manansala, the man behind the GenSan News Online Mag, Soccksargen's #1 blog. Its an online magazine that features abouthis hometown, General Santos. A blogger who is now involved in the fields of Communication and Media.

Kevin Ray Chua, PEBA's three-time partner as member of the Judging Panel. He used to be the Spokesperson for a bloggers group called Cebu Bloggers Society. He is now presently working as the Press Relation Officer for Cebu City Federation of Tertiary Supreme Student Councils and Government.

Lionel Gonzaga, one of the original member of PEBA, and is the person behind the PEBA original banner logo, is based with his family in Dubai UAE. He is also a blogger, a game developer, and a famous website designer.

Mark Aethen Agana is a software engineer. He is theco founder Soccksargen Bloggers Society; Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines 2008; 2010 Gawad GenyLopez Bayaning Kabataang Pilipino finalist. He is currently studying at the Universityof the Philippines – Diliman for his post-graduate degree on SoftwareEngineering

Kevin Jethro Abad is a 3rd Year Information Communication Technology student at the University of San Carlos in Cebu City, Kevin Jethro Abad is a young self-taught shutterbug who always wants to capture details that are often neglected by the naked eye. His photography journey deepened when he realized that there is a lot more than meets the eye.

John Arce, the founder of WebGeek Philippines, a Freelance Web Developer with extensive experience in CMS, web standards-based development, implementing semantics, accessibility & cross-platform compatibility Tech Community Advocate, Social Media Enthusiast & Technopreneur.

a feel good blogger. a pinay backpacker. a hobbyist photographer.

Jonha D. Revesencio is the blogger behind Defying Gravity, a blog about saving tips, investing and exposing au pair scams. She's the only Filipina included in the Top 10 of Standard Chartered Bank's World's Coolest Intern Competition. A Content Writer, Laughs a Lot, Left-Handed and a Social Media Addict.

Lloyd Tronco is an artist, photographer, and advertising executive, Lloyd Tronco is a person who is passionate about the advent of digital media. Seasoned in the field of advertising and marketingcommunications. Lloyd was a Media Strategist for the multinational advertising agency,McCann-Erickson.Handling non-traditional media, mainly outdoor billboards and signage during his agency stint, he moved on to cross over to digital media as he saw the shift from static billboards to the current LED and LCD screens. Lloyd is a strong advocate of the “new tri-media” which is composed of the internet, mobile, and digital signage

©2010 Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards

Monday, November 16, 2009


This is posted with permission from the author of The Sandbox, a blog based in Riyadh,Saudi Arabia.
The Sandbox, managed by an OFW computer programmer won in the 2008 Top 10 Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards and is the 2008 No. 1 in the Middle East and Africa Region.

Judging Others

Some of you may be aware that PEBA honored me by choosing yours truly as one of the judges in this year’s search for the Top 10 Outstanding Expatriates/OFW Blogs. At first I thought it was going to be easy but then I realize it’s not only difficult mentally but emotionally as well.

There are 37 candidates to choose from. I knew most of them and some I considered as friends. In fairness and for transparency’s sake, I devised a method of calculating the result to avoid being accused of partisanship or later might hear discriminatory allegation (like what happened last year). Hopefully these will do justice to my selection.

There are 5 categories in which blogs are to be judge, PEBA entry post, blog contents,blog entries, popularity and blog traffic. Judges are to handle the first 3 categories and pick what they considered their top ten choices. As for me, I rate each category between 1 thru 10, where 1 is the lowest grade given for an entry and 10 the highest. But since I don’t believe in anything perfect outside the physical world, the highest I could give is 9. Believe me; even if you got an excellent blog, how ever good a writer you are, there will always be a better blog or a superior writer out there.

PEBA entry post is somewhat easier to evaluate compared to the other two categories. I judge an entry by its relevance to the contest’s theme and the way the essay’s message makes an impact on me. 15% of the rating will be taken from this category.

Blog content is somewhat within my territory of familiarity. I sub-categorize it into three;
Refresh rate, presentation and blog information.

Refresh rate is the time it takes for a blog to “download”. I consider this necessary because it is somehow discomforting for a reader to “pick” a blog that somewhat takes forever to appear on screen. A refresh rate between 5 and 10 seconds is good enough for me (at low traffic, my own blog has a refresh rate of 3 seconds).

Presentation, in my opinion, is important to a reader. It’s composed of a blog’s appearance; in its uniqueness, symmetry, readability and color coordination. Bloggers who takes pain in making their site pleasing to the eye gets extra points than those who just use available templates or those who over-do their “make-up”.

Blog information is useful to readers or visitors. It includes post categories and history, personal information and links to other useful sites.

I grade each sub-category from 1 to 9 using the formula - summation of grades of all sub-categories divided by 3. Fifteen percent will be taken from its result to be added to the over-all ranking.

Blog entries is the most tasking of the three. Since some blogs are more than a year old and contains more than 50 posts, I made a point to set January to October of this year the cut-off time of entries I’m going to read. I did this in order to meet the date of submission of my results on December 15. Grading each entry depends on how it impresses me. Is it inspirational, informative or thought-provoking? Is it entertaining or just plain boring? Take note that since the contest organizers specifically stated that each blog nominee contains at least one entry post per month; it would be disadvantageous for a nominee if they have no entry for any month inside my cut-off. You are excuse from this provision if your blog is younger than January as long as it has an entry starting from the month of its conception. 30% of the overall result will be taken using the same formula I used above - summation of grades of all read posts divided by the total number of posts read, adding a point penalty to the divisor for each month without an entry.

Using this method, a meaningful entry posted once or twice a month, gains more points compared to posting insignificant entries trice a week. At least a nominee have an idea what’s their ranking if they wrote something like “what I ate for breakfast this morning”.
I’m explaining the mechanics of my computation in order for candidates to know where they stand in my evaluation. But it doesn’t mean that what I’ve explained is “the basis” in choosing the finalist or my final evaluation makes “the difference”. Remember, there are nine other judges to consider. Each has their own method in selecting the most commendable blogs. Beside that, popular vote and blog traffic are still two categories where a nominee may edge other contenders.

So, to each of the nominees, I say GOODLUCK!

©2009 Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards

Monday, November 2, 2009

Dear PEBA 2009 Judges

Dear PEBA Judges,
Thank you so much for your support to the 2nd International Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards by PEBA, Inc. It is truly an honor to have someone of your caliber as judge and evaluator of our nominees for this year's contest.
In total, we have 37 nominees, both expats and OFW's of different backgrounds and professions, from 21 countries representing the more than 12 million OFW's and Filipino Expatriates around the world.
We recognize that our request for you to judge our nominees is not an easy task. Firstly, because the nominees and their nominated works are all exemplary and truly commendable. Walang itulak kabigin sa galing! Secondly, without monetary resource to pay our judges, we would request you to perform the task pro bono.
In lieu of your service, we will recognize your valuable efforts in our website and honor you during the formal culmination program on December 26th at the UP Diliman Bahay ng Alumni.

We promise you one thing though: That as you read each of the entries, you will positively feel the inherent spirit of Filipino kindness and inner heroism, and you will admire the talents these men and women heroes do offer in their blogs.
Again, on behalf of PEBA Inc., I profusely thank you for your efforts. Our gratitude of your services is truly beyond words. God bless you and your family!

This is an excerpt from one of the nominees post, by the Pope over Palipasan

"As PEBA, Inc. concludes its nomination for its forthcoming 2nd International Pinoy Expats/Blog Awards (PEBA), 37 stories have officially gathered from 21 countries across the globe, converged and united in one vision and one voice in exhibiting their pioneering spirit in their passion for blogging in bringing inspirations to the 12 million Global Filipinos around the world."

"Despite our diversity and multiplicity, we have conquered the world and proudly brought into the foreign lands not only our talents and skills as Migrant workers but we have establsihed a community of Filipino people, made it known to the whole world that we exists because we came from a country where everyone is a hero."

"This is an affirmation of our courageous diasporic decision and the worthy causes fought for and of the right, albeit unpopular options taken of being separated from our family."

"And a challenge to do more, to better, and be the best for our family, for our community, for the Filipino people and for our country the Philippines."

"Let us not just dream, live our dream. Let us keep moving towards it."

"Congratulations to PEBA for this opportunity to let the OFW bloggers shine amidst the trials and pains of being away from Home and good luck to the 37 hopeful nominees, you already have won the hearts of your readers around the globe."

©2009 Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards

Friday, September 11, 2009

Are We Ready?

Have you read your PEBA entry? Well, if not, then the judges will, and hey it's not just your blog entry, they will browse your blogsite as well, and they will be a visitor in your blog in a few days, several days or even a month!

The Judging period will start on November 01, 2009 until the 2nd week of December.
Do we need some lay-out or theme refurbishing or to repaint the color of our walls and sidebars?

Hmmn, it is all up to you.
We got our criteria's here, well, mostly.

There is a team working on the judging matrix, and it will be as transparent as ever. We have come up with a very simple matrix last year.
This year, a 4-man/woman team is working on the matrix, and believe it or not, 3 of them don't know that what they are doing is for the judging. We will deal with utmost confidentiality, and fair and transparent judging.
75 % of the judging will be done by the judges.
15% from the visibility/social metrics
10% from the poll/votes garnered.

We are still looking for sponsors, volunteers and donors. Please help us find sponsors. Thank you!
©2009 Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards

Monday, January 5, 2009


For the sake of transparency to some who thinks we have our own agenda in choosing the winners, I am releasing the Criteria for Judging. If you go through the winners, I think without question, they deserve the honor. We are not just merely a popular contest, people can go to the site and vote for you, but there is a difference between blogging for popularity and money than blogging to inspire people to live better lives. There will be people who will question the process, but I can attest to the veracity of the ranking from the data’s that I received and the result is what it is.

Natatawa na lang ako kasi what if may monetary prize pa na involve? Recognition pa nga lang may nagquequestion na ng validity, haha. Pero ganun daw talaga. Di ba ang mangga sa tabi ng kalsada pag maraming bunga, susungkitin at babatuhin. So we are open to critics and doomsayers.

A -  Content                30%                                                    
1) contains write-up or articles regarding life abroad and enriches culture and heritage of the Philippines and the Filipino people
2) Inspirational and promotes peace and goodwill
3) Uniqueness –distinct characteristics, issues, concerns discussed, etc.

B – Blog Element       20%                                                    
1) Blog is visited and commented (interactivity)
2) Blog is updated regularly (at least monthly)
3) Creativity – lay-out/design, use of graphics, video, etc.

C)Visibility/Metrics    20%                                                     
1) Blog is linked with other bloggers and belongs to other bloggers community
2) uses/presence of blog devices (Technorati, Alexa, PageRank, social bookmarks)
3) blog content is searchable
D) Voting/Popularity  20%
E) Judges Vote           10%
Each judge was asked to choose their Top 10 Blogs from among the nominees.
Anyway, I would like to take this opportunity na sabihin that nomination will be open again on April for the 2009 Top 10 Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards. We definitely learn some lessons so valuable so that the next time we will be better na. Hopefully may venue na this December in Manila, at may sponsors na para kahit papaano may monetary prize din. Pero I am sticking to my original belief, it is not the monetary or material things that matters, and it is not what makes a blog and blogger the best. Sharing a part of you, making people happy and having fun while abroad and being recognized is the most important thing. Happiness and Joy, after all, cannot be bought or compensated. It is the free things in life that warms the heart…indi Kape, or Tsaa, Milo, or Gatas…

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