Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Alexa Matters!

As the final Judgment of the 3rd Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards comes, we are now rating the blogs both for OFW and Supporters division based on different criteria. We do this to make sure that the best blog truly deserves the award. May we present to you the final ranking of the blogs based in ALEXA.


1 THE JOURNEY of my LIFE, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 1,599
2 BAUL NI NOEL, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 956,796
3 STAY AT HOME BLESSINGS, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 980,711
4 KAYNI'S CORNER CAFE, Washington DC, USA 1,040,573
5 MICHAEL'S SHADES of BLUE, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia 1,532,898
6 BEYOND TOXICITY, Penang, Malaysia 1,606,258
7 Carnation, Life is Beautiful, Bangkok, Thailand 1,842,118
8 MIZPAH, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 1,998,249
9 JETTHRO'S HANG OUT, Seoul, South Korea 2,771,701
10 Journey of a Prodigal Daughter, Taipa, Macau 2,999,094
11 YELLOW BELLS, Dubai, UAE 3,113,873
12 RATED E!, Kiarong, Brunei 3,876,682
13 MGA KATHANG ISIP NI KIKO, Doha, Qatar 3,897,983
14 SLAP HAPPY, Dubai, United Arab Emirates 3,917,904
15 Dante Speaks, Jubail, Saudi Arabia 3,932,691
16 BATANG GALA, Vancouver, Canada 4,056,077
17 Animus, Salmiya, Kuwait 4,199,711
18 Gremliness, Dubai, United Arab Emirates 5,110,055
19 RAINBOW BOX, Doha, Qatar 5,467,199
20 B'LOG ANG MUNDO, Yanbu, Saudi Arabia 8,848,433
21 Mrs. Abby, California, USA 11,511,234
22 KOSAPOGI, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 13,097,712
23 MNLRUH-MNL, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 17,253,535
24 Reach for the Peak, Calgary, Alberta, Canada 21,921,888
25 ¡SOY NEGRENSE!, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 26,045,519
26 GUMAMELA SA PARAISO, Taipei, Taiwan
27 WIT'S EXPRESSION, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
28 Deconstructing Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

1 On This Side Of Town, Davao, Phils 245,578
2 Omni. Seven.Star, Calumpit, Bulacan, Phils 1,193,229
3 S I Y E T E H A N , Quezon City, Phils 3,026,786
4 Xprosaic's World, Davao City, Phils 3,291,943
5 Kwentong Nakaka, Manila, Phils 3,639,067
6 Before the Eastern Sunset, Manila, Phils 4,334,836
7 Pinaywriter's Oral Diarrhea 2, Makati, Philippines 5,095,041
8 Kayumangging Damdamin, Manila, Phils 5,362,275
9 Anak ng Tokwa, Nueva Ecija, Philippines 5,731,508
10 Felmar's Missionary Journey, Davao, Phils 5,933,271
11 AJoMSL, Quezon City, Phils. 6,421,306
12 MazePlace, Davao, Phils 6,950,173
13 TUYONG TINTA NG BOLPEN, Batangas, Phils 7,529,139
14 A Dreamer's Avenue, Manila, Philippines 9,098,738
15 M(.)(.)D sWings, Lucena, Phils 9,505,805
16 Batang Mangyan, Manila City, Philippines 12,862,821
17 REJ SPEAKS, Caloocan City, Phils 18,154,346
18 Kape at Yosi, Manila, Phils 26,461,111
19 Panay Mud Pie, Iloilo City, Philippines 26,787,371

©2010 Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog Awards

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