Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Technorati Ranking as of 16th December 2008

1.       Janeth Vicy's Life Journey, USA 3,771
2.       A Grateful Heart, USA 11,796
3.       Writing on Air, Australia                36,993
4.       Euroangel Grafitti, Germany 39,227        
5.       Filipino Life Abroad, USA 51,836
6.       Ronel Livelihood, UK 77,489
7.       Rhapsody, Dubai,UAE 101,742
8.       Pansitan ni Ate Sienna, USA 128,334
9.       Pedestrian Observer, USA 150,765
10.   Wits and Nuts, UAE 164,822
11.   Francesca in France, France 225,207
12.   Pamatay Homesick, Kuwait 254,116
13.   Rey Ian's Blog, Japan 304,934
14.   Mumsified, Malaysia 337,399
15.   Sleepless in KL, Malaysia 457,495
16.   Pinay Hekmi Ponders USA 491,255
17.   A Desert Prince, Kuwait   576,777
18.   Evita in Europe, Italy 872,598
19.   Pinoy X sa Saudi, S. Arabia 999,763
20.   Sari Saring Kulay, Japan 4,709,178
21.   Pinoy in Iraq, Iraq Not Available
22.   Manilenya, Canada  Not available
23.   The Sandbox, Saudi Arabia  Not Available
24.   Toasty Brown, USA  Not Available

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